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About Ann Schunior

Living in North Carolina in 1966 with no particular interest in pottery, Ann Schunior visited Seagrove, N.C., a home Jugtown Pottery and generations of country potters. Seeing the growth of a pot from a lump of clay to a large urn sparked her imagination. A few years later in Boston, she decided to take a pottery course, and her hands haven't been free of clay since.

Ann roams the back corners of museums and travels to remote places, where she is as excited by local architecture, weaving and fabric dyeing as she is by the pottery. She tries to incorporate images from traditional media onto clay without losing their vitality. Although she is jealous of weavers who see their colors while they work, she is forever in awe of what fire does to clay. She depends on the flames in the kiln to produce color variations from piece to piece.


Ann in Nigeria